Analytical Instrument Leasing & Financing in 2022

A helpful tip to ensure all key stakeholders are aligned is to include in your feature spec template a table for the planned events, event properties, and user properties that will accompany each feature. Your engineers are a great resource for prioritizing which pieces of data are most important as well as understanding what context is available at the time of each user action. In material sciences, heat is used in conjunction with other measurement techniques to determine the different properties of samples. The group of techniques that performs these measurements are referred to as thermal analyzers. Thermal analysis can also be described as the measurement of heat transfer through structured mediums. In addition to our analytical instrument category, we lease a wide variety of spectroscopy equipment, chromatography systems , and microscopes.

Agilent 1290 Infinity II LC System has market-leading sample capacity and is designed for the most challenging UHPLC experiments. Let our team address your analytical challenges by putting our technical services to work for you. Set up and maintain your liquid analytics with accessories including indicators, junction boxes, interface cables, wiring adapters, calibration supplies, mounting brackets, installation fittings, and more. Gas handling instruments can, to a certain degree, filter particles and moisture out of the gas. If the gas returns to specification after the drying and filtering process, the gas can be returned to the system. The DEENA II is an automated metals and mercury digestion system that fully automates the digestion process, including dispensing reagents, heating and cooling.

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  • We also offer completeservice and onsite calibrationfor devices in the field to minimize downtime and maximize results.
  • If you recently bought equipment, Excedr can offer you cash for your device and convert your purchase into a long-term rental.
  • For example, if you are making a change to your checkout flow, then you can copy all the “cart” properties that should be tracked on all checkout events.
  • The QuAAtro39 high performance microflow chemistry analyzer is ideal for the detection of ultra-low nutrients in water, wastewater, seawater, soil, plant extracts, tobacco and wine, utilizing USEPA, ISO and ASTM standard methods.
  • The Frontier Rx3050TR Tandem Micro-Reactor is a unique system designed for research and development labs that work with catalysts.

Leverage our deep expertise in product development services like hardware, firmware and software for instruments. We have experience with method development, validation & sample analysis for pharmaceutical, healthcare, food safety and other industries. Analytical instruments are a huge class of instruments which are used for analytical applications in pharmaceutical, chemical, oil refineries, clinical, and food processing laboratories. Founded in 1964, Teledyne Analytical Instruments manufactures gas and liquid analyzers, sensors and custom integrated analysis solutions. This includes hazardous area solutions meeting current NEC, ATEX and IECEx standards. From complex research to routine analysis, we offer industry-leading analytical instruments, including bench-top FTIR, FT-NIR, Raman, and FTIR microspectroscopy solutions.

Markes UNITY-xr Thermal Desorber

The Elementar rapid OXY cube offers high-quality, high-temperature oxygen analysis. Bruker VERTEX 70v FTIR Spectrometer offers unmatched performance and versatility for demanding analytical and research applications. Our team is committed to sourcing high-quality products you can rely on for your most critical fluid monitoring applications. We stock transmitters and operating units in a variety of styles to monitor standard fluid measurements, including chlorine, dissolved oxygen, pH, and others.

analytics instrument

The Elementar rapid MAX N exceed is the first Dumas method N/protein analyzer that supports larger sample weights. The Czitek MicromATR high-performance ATR delivers the highest available optical throughput in a monolithic diamond ATR accessory. The Bruker MPA II is a complete FT-NIR solution for daily QA/QC work and sophisticated method development studies. The Bruker D2 PHASER XRD delivers data quality and collection speed that, up to recently, was thought impossible with a benchtop XRD system. Agilent Ultivo triple quadrupole LC/MS eliminates the MS footprint by incorporating the mass spectrometer into the HPLC stack. The Agilent 8860 GC addresses a wide range of routine application areas and is configurable with up to two inlets, three valves, and three detectors.

Thomson Reuters Products

Please take a look around and see how our solutions and products can help your business. Instrumentation is a small but critical piece of your overall data governance strategy that needs to be built into your product development workflow. Following these five steps will ensure that your whole team, from analyst to engineer, is aligned on the goals you are trying to achieve with data.

Markes UNITY-Air Server-xr is a cryogen-free automated thermal desorption system for unattended on-line air monitoring. The Elementar inductar ONH cube is enables the analysis of oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen concentrations in inorganic materials simultaneously. The Czitek SurveyIR FTIR Microscope offers the analytical power of an infrared microscope at the price point of a sample compartment accessory. Agilent 8900 ICP-QQQ covers applications from routine contract analysis to advanced research and high performance materials analysis. The Agilent 7850 ICP-MS instrument can handle samples with up to 25% solids, reducing the dilution time trap.

Request a discovery call and we can help determine the best path forward for you and your team. The Markes Unity-CIA Advantage-xr is an advanced system for automated analysis of VOCs in canister samples. The Markes Micro-Chamber / Thermal Extractor delivers fast and flexible sampling of chemicals and odors released from materials and foods. The Frontier Rx3050TR Tandem Micro-Reactor is a unique system designed for research and development labs that work with catalysts. The Elementar UNICUBE is a cutting-edge tool for the elemental analysis of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and sulfur.

Elementar soli TOC cube Elemental Analyzer

The Elementar rapid CS cube analyzes carbon and sulfur, combining unparalleled performance with operational efficiency and automated sample throughput. The Bruker S2 EDXRF is a high-performance, multi-element benchtop EDXRF analyzer for the petrochemical industry. The Bruker MATRIX-F FT-NIR spectrometer allows for direct measurement in process reactors and pipelines, leading to better process understanding and control.

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The gas analysis instrument is connected to the gas compartment using special connecting hoses and the measurement is started. The instrument then removes a small amount of gas and allows it to flow through the sensors into the internal tank. SEAL genuine parts and laboratory consumables for SEAL instruments and other laboratory systems. These are ideal for automating sample splitting, treatment, and tests such as BOD, pH, EC, turbidity, colour and alkalinity. Contact us for more information on how we can make your laboratory more automated and efficient.

Elemental Analysis

This will also then enable your team to better maintain an efficient and functional process. Laboratory analytical instruments are used to perform qualitative and quantitative analysis of specific samples by evaluating physical, chemical, and molecular properties. In recent years, analytical instrumentation sector has become highly sophisticated. In modern era, personal computers and microcontrollers have been incorporated into analytical instruments to get more appropriate results. Some of these instruments also plays the significant role in the controlling and monitoring environmental pollution. Get analytical instruments only from trusted suppliers, exporters, and manufacturers.

DEENA II has the necessary functionality to automate your standard sample digestion process without modification. The SEAL Analytical Digestion Block is a Kjeldahl digestion system that automates acid digestions of up to 50 laboratory samples simultaneously. The QuAAtro39 high performance microflow chemistry analyzer is ideal for the detection of ultra-low nutrients in water, wastewater, seawater, soil, plant extracts, tobacco and wine, utilizing USEPA, ISO and ASTM standard methods. Before a feature is built, PMs and designers should make sure to define success metrics and consider the questions they want to answer with the collected data. If there is no alignment, then tracking may break due to teams instrumenting data with different names. Our Data Taxonomy Playbook is a great resource for naming conventions and how to best structure your taxonomy.

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We develop custom desktop, mobile and web applications that interact with instruments and enable cloud connectivity. The Tismo team is adept at web technologies and implements modern Web-based HMIs for analytical instruments. Some analytics instrument of the major factors responsible for rising consumption of analytical instruments. It includes the growing rate of chronic diseases, population growth, aging population, higher disposable income, and rising life expectancy.


Branom will only accept returned products in new or unused condition, and in their original boxes. An RMA # will need to be obtained from a Branom salesperson and a minimum 25% restock fee will be assessed. If you are the site owner , please whitelist your IP or if you think this block is an error please open a support ticket and make sure to include the block details , so we can assist you in troubleshooting the issue. Learn what the OKR framework is, the benefits of applying OKRs to product management, traps to avoid, and tips… Her team helps lead customers through Amplitude implementations to get up and running quickly and successfully. For best practices on how to validate your event data in Amplitude, check out our video walkthrough.

Your feature spec template should contain an area for you to write down these success metrics and questions. Once you gather this information, you can then derive events and properties that would allow you to answer those questions and track those metrics. Studying the properties of particles or powders can provide scientists with vital information about industrial processes that involve these samples.

Bruker VERTEX 70v FTIR Spectrometer

The UK’s National Oceanography Centre’s ocean-going lab is the real test of a nutrient analyzer. The NOC undertakes integrated ocean research and technology development from the coast to the deep ocean and has a heavy requirement for seawater analysis in their facilities and on board research vessels. Under these conditions, high levels of precision and reliability can be a challenge for most laboratory equipment, so NOC has invested in SEAL Analytical segmented flow analyzers – the AA3 and the QuAAtro.

Agilent 1260 Infinity II LC system delivers the performance, reliability, and robustness you need for your critical laboratory testing. Agilent 1220 Infinity II LC system delivers exceptional accuracy and superior precision for all routine applications in QA/QC labs. Get a complete picture of the elements of interest through a suite of best-in-class analytical solutions. Experience, resourcefulness and extra effort are the keys to success for this lab, situated in North Queensland, Australia.


Your engineers are a great resource for prioritizing which pieces of data are most important. If you have a template for feature specs, then this standard should be linked inside that template. If you recently bought equipment, Excedr can offer you cash for your device and convert your purchase into a long-term rental.

As you research which analytical instrument you’re going to acquire, consider your lab’s budget, physical space, materials needed, and traits you’ll be testing for as well. The Elementar vario MACRO cube offers simultaneous determination of CHNS in samples up to the gram range in a single fully-automated step. No matter what technique you are using, ensure your lab has the analytical instruments needed to meet your analytical goals. We are authorized distributors of Agilent, Bruker, Frontier Laboratories, Markes, Elementar Americas, and Czitek. We offer insertion and immersion-style sensors, retractable assemblies, mounting assemblies, and flow-through assemblies in the style you need.

The Agilent 7890B GC system is the world’s most widely used GC system, featuring accurate temperature controls, precise injection systems, and more. The Agilent 7697A Headspace Sampler ensures each vial is leak-free prior to analysis, with no loss of precision or sensitivity. Agilent 7010B GC/MS triple quadrupole is the most sensitive version of Agilent compact bench-top triple quad (MS/MS) systems.

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Matt is the lucky guy that gets to lead a team of passionate placemakers who work every day to make downtown San Antonio more beautiful, playful, prosperous, and welcoming. Since starting his career as an attorney, Matt accumulated 25+ years’ worth of experience in the private sector by founding play and creative companies; consulting for start-ups and Fortune 500s in strategy, innovation, and leadership; and serving as president and C-level executive for Scholastic, Klutz and LeapFrog, among others. Directly prior to moving to San Antonio, he was the Economic Development Director and Interim Land Use Director for Santa Fe, NM.  He and his daughter have visited 15 state capitals on their way to all 50! 

Elizabeth Burt


Liz is a passionate underutilized space evangelist known for collaboration matchmaking + play based troublemaking (snow, pumpkins, and Parisian mimes included). She graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio College of Public Policy studying Public Administration (#BirdsUp)! More recently, she oversaw the award winning Activate Houston Street Initiative, a placemaking action plan to reinvigorate the historic pedestrian corridor in the heart of Downtown, which is recognized as a Best Practice in Public Space Management by the International Downtown Association, for which she is also a proud Emerging Leader Fellow.


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Connie Garza


Connie is a native San Antonian with roots planted deeply on San Antonio’s Southside. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Global Studies from the University of Texas at Austin. Passionate about building strong communities, Connie loves acting as a connector to small businesses, entrepreneurs, and people to help each other reach their goals and work together. She works inbetween the Cultural Placemaking team and the Mainstreet Economic Development team, bringing vibrancy and support to urban core businesses to make downtown the place to be. When not at work, you can usually find her at the local plant nursery buying another plant, exploring new cafes/breweries, and spending time with family.

Laura Aldrich


Laura (She/Her) has a Bachelor’s degree in Art History from the University of Texas at Austin where she fostered a deep love for communication, critical theory, & experiential spaces. Her heart lies in community, communication, & creative spaces for connection & collaboration.

She’s found much of her life’s direction in sharing her love for fitness & yoga alongside her deeply lived passion for social equity & women’s equality.

Laura has years of experience in developing & carrying out creative, strategic project management, marketing & membership-based sales as well as large-scale events & leadership training.

Outside of work she can often be found biking downtown with friends, adventuring with her sweet pup on the Greenway & casually perusing the cheese aisle at Central Market. She finds simple pleasures in unexpected live music, mochi, freshly bought pairs of matching socks & toppling the patriarchy.

Priscilla Lopez


Priscilla or “P.Lo” as her teammates affectionately call her, has 20 years of corporate administrative experience. Priscilla attended The University of San Antonio with a focus on Business Administration. In her role as office “fixer,” she handles everything from communications and relationship management to IT sleuthing. On weekends you can find her enjoying a Truly poolside. She lives the vegan lifestyle and is  a proud member of the Peleton community.

Jacqueline Lucio


Jacque is a longtime downtowner with a deep passion for community service. She oversees Centro’s Clean & Safe and Homeless Outreach services, which aim to create a more beautiful, welcoming, inclusive, and hospitable downtown. For nearly two decades, Jacque has lived in downtown San Antonio and has been actively involved in the transformation of the urban core. Through her work with nonprofits, local government, and news media, she’s continually focused on championing more sustainable, diverse, and equitable communities. Jacque has led efforts to support asylum seekers, served as communications director for City Council District 5, and served in public affairs role for Clear Channel Outdoor San Antonio. Jacque studied Mass Communications and Mexican-American Studies at UTSA.

Matt Sirgo


Matt graduated from Texas Tech University in 2016 with a Dual Major in Media Strategies and Honors Arts & Letters with a minor in Italian (Benvenuto a tutti!). Matt oversees the marketing, public relations, and digital content for Centro. After sharing the story of Downtown San Antonio on digital channels, he enjoys creating TikToks about LGBTQ+ media. His mug graces a Fiesta Mural on the St. Mary’s Strip just north of Downtown. You can’t miss it. 

Andi Rodriguez


Andi is a long-time urban champion and leads Centro ‘people projects which tell our stories and bring us joy, such as Centro’s Art Everywhere and Zona Cultural. Serving on the Leadership Council of Urban Land Institute, she is a former city Planning Commissioner, Founding Chair of the Hemisfair Conservancy, Co-founder of Power of Preservation/PROM, former Chair of the Mayor’s Commission on the Status of Women and immediate past Chair of Leadership San Antonio. Andi considers herself a servant leader; she has an MS in Architecture/Urban Planning, and enjoys advocating for the unifying power of art, history, and public space.

Jakob Villareal


Currently studying for a B.A. in English at A&M San Antonio and Majoring in Writing & Rhetoric, Jakob is a key player in securing additional funding for Centro’s many projects and initiatives. Jakob acts as a matchmaking service for Centro’s projects and Initiatives. Using his intimate knowledge of our goals and ideals, he seeks to find the perfect match of project and potential funding organization. When he’s not busy fundraising Jakob also fills the roll of Game Master, host the team’s various gettogethers and keeping the party going with games galore. He spends his free time painting miniatures, and is an avid Dungeons and Dragons & Table Top RPG enthusiast.

JanIe Garza


Janie is a native of Corpus Christi, TX and has made San Antonio her home since 2012. Her 15+ years’ experience allows her to serve a broad range of functions that allow the organization to operate efficiently, including, accounts receivable/payable, record management, information technology, office management, and assisting with human resources. Outside of the office she enjoys spending time with her family, visiting local art museums, and enjoying a German beer in Southtown.

Michael Cirlos


Michael began his studies and volunteer work at Webster University Thailand with a focus on international relations and Buddhism. After returning to San Antonio and graduating from UTSA, Michael began photographing and telling the stories of people in Downtown San Antonio to help connect and increase awareness of our vibrant urban culture. Michael’s work has appeared in several news media organizations, and has produced digital content for small- and large-scale marketing campaigns for Red Bull, COSA Department of Arts and Culture, World Heritage Office, National Park Service, and others. Michael is a former Pecha Kucha San Antonio Speaker, best-selling author at Trinity University Press, entrepreneur, and adventurer.

Sarah Esserlieu


Sarah is a passionate urbanist who has spent the majority of her career on downtown revitalization efforts. Downtown is the best part of any city where you can find the finest history, culture, life, and beauty. Sarah has a Master of Science in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Texas at San Antonio and a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies from the University of California, San DiegoSarah enjoys visiting small local businesses, enjoying foodie culture, cooking, hiking, and visiting the cities of the world. 



Kandice is a Sunnyvale, CA native and has made San Antonio her home since 2014She graduated from University of Argosy in 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and continued to complete her Master’s in Business Administration from University of Phoenix 2020. She has worked in downtown San Antonio for years, bringing 15+ years of accounting experience to the organization and has been tasked with promoting and developing the city’s urban core. When not at the office, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, managing her family’s businesses, and enjoys cooking and baking.  

The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” – Steve Jobs 


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